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Quick Facts

Real-Time Registration Counter

Real-Time Registration Counter

Fall 2022
Atlanta: 19,975
Perimeter: 5,123

Summer 2022
Atlanta: 16,733
Perimeter: 6,969



Fall 2022 : 25,086
Summer 2022 : 23,357

Credit Hours

Credit Hours

Fall 2022 : 270,143
Summer 2022 : 152,065

Degrees Conferred

Degrees Conferred

2021 : 10,384
2022 : 4,631

FTFT 6 Year Graduation Rate

FTFT 6 Year
Graduation Rate
(Fall 2021)



No. of IPORT Application Visits Today:     26

Quick Facts

FA 2022 Enrollment by Degree Level

2021 Degrees Conferred by Level

    A N N O U N C E M E N T S

    IPORT counts (including Date-to-Date) for Spring 2022 term were frozen at Census, March 3rd, 2022.

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