What is IPORT?

IPORT is an application that provides access to summarized and detail data that is stored in the university data warehouse. Most of the information in IPORT is available to the public. However, some reports are restricted to GSU faculty and staff. To view detail or restricted data, faculty and staff must log in with their campus ids and passwords. GSU students and visitors are not permitted to login. When accessing worksheets, which contains detail data, there's an additional layer of security that requires approved user access to the subject area to view or to download worksheets.

Data Access

Faculty and staff may log into IPORT to view detail data and/or restricted aggregated counts if they have the permission of the appropriate data steward. Existing Banner users should contact DSS at DSS@GSU.EDU to gain access.

Non-Banner users should download and complete the Data Access Form and submit it to the appropriate data steward. Users may download the Data Access Request form at Office of Institutional of Institutional Effectiveness website under the DSS Link OIE - DSS.

Data Refreshes

Most data in the data warehouse are refreshed nightly until Census. Click here to view Data Warehouse refresh schedule.

IPORT Availability

IPORT is available 7 days a week from 7AM to 12 midnight. The system is taken offline at midnight to begin the refresh process.

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